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Christmas countdown: The Spoonie Way

It is the run up to Christmas and this year’s countdown consists of hospital appointments. Normally, there are at least two but everytime the postie clangs the letter box, another envelope bearing a hospitals logo appears. Bright Christmas card envelopes would be preferable. I have had rhuemie and neuro check ups already but now dates for gastro, further ones for rhuemie and blood tests for genetics have appeared. I am still waiting for a much needed physio appointment.  Add in the regular blood tests, a dentist trip and visits to the vets, I am counting down the days to Christmas by ticking off my ever increasing scribblings on my now tatty calendar. I could design a Spoonie version of an Advent calendar.

Forget smiley snowmen, there could be tinsel wearing medics or chocolate spoons!
Forget smiley snowmen, there could be tinsel wearing medics or chocolate spoons!

My phone is adding music to the festive activities when it pings alerts of the upcoming events. Maybe there is a way of changing a ping to a Christmas tune. Jingle Bells anyone?*

I remember when my diary was full of Christmas parties and meetups. I would deliberate on my perfect outfit for the festive fun. NowI sepnd my time, weighing up the pros and cons in relation too the medic I am seeing. Forget high heels, red easy to get on boots are the way to go. Dresses are replaced by comfy clothes that are easy to remove and get back on. Times have definarely changed.

The joy of being a wobbly spoonie!

*I think my brain cell is showing it’s lack of sleep.


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