Just wobbly life

Still wobbly but back to blogging for Dystonia Awareness!


Dystonia 2018 banner

I can not believe it is over 2 years since I last posted. It is Dystonia Awareness Week so I thought I would check in and do my part. Every little thing matters in the greater picture.

What has happened since I was last here?

  • As expected I am still wobbly and life is still up and down (many downs) and  I am trying to smile and appreciate the good things when I see them.  It mainly works or at least helps.
  • Bazil, my scooter is no more but recently Herbie has arrived to give me the independence I need and crave
  • My daughter is now 18 – eek! I feel old
  • Pip my dog is now six but still mad and lovely
  • The shed did not work the magic I hoped. I guess I was expecting miracles in hoping it would solve hubby’s depression and stress. It helps but life is still very hard being my carer instead of just a husband.
  • I have been focussing on book blogging on Duvet Dwellers Books
  • And trying to write a novel


What have you been doing?


As part of this year’s week of awareness, I have put a bear I made up for auction. He can be found here.

Bertie Bear front

More soon!


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