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I was diagnosed with adult on-set dopa-responsive dystonia after I was also diagnosed with cerebral vasculitis a couple of years before. It is a rare type of dystonia usually seen in children and it is treated by Sinemet, a drug commonly used in Parkinson’s disease. In adults, the symptoms can be very similar to Parkinson’s disease. Cerebral vasculitis has a 1 in million chance of happening while DRD is 1 in 2 million. With those odds I would rather have won the lottery.

I am lucky to have a wonderful husband, daughter and 4 gorgeous dogs. I enjoy freedom on Bazil ( my not so trusty scooter),Freecell, books, cups of tea and snuggly socks!

I started this blog so I had somewhere to go to talk about being wobbly as well as my favourite things books and tea so  I didn’t bore my friends. I also wanted to raise awareness of dopa-responsive dystonia. If it wasn’t for Google and others telling their stories online via blogs and YouTube, I would not have had the chance to discover the magic of yellows ones – Sinemet otherwise known as levodopa. It is a life changing drug for those with DRD!