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A tea for sunny days

I have been over reliant on Builder’s tea recently. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Builder’s tea – teabag in a mug, brewed to perfection, a splash of milk and drink. It hits the spot and has got me through many crises. I definitely live by the motto – keep calm and drink tea. Tea is a daily necessity but Builder’s tea is about the end product rather than the calming ritual other teas require.

This phase has come to a halt with the emergence of a late Christmas present. Hidden in a safe place in the depth’s of a teenager’s bedroom a forgotten gift, a  Basilur tea caddy  was found.



A book of Basilur Magic Fruits

Still a teabag but that is where the similarity with Builder’s tea stops. Encased in an attractive book shaped caddy – perfect for bookworms like me – are a selection of fruit flavoured black tea. As I mentioned in a previous review of Basilur tea, I am new to flavoured black tea but I am impressed by the edge they give the drink.

In this collection, my favourite by far is the lemon and lime. Not only is the flavour refreshing, the citrus aroma  wakes you up.  It is perfect for sunny days, sitting in the garden whilst reading and  or first thing in the day when you can take time to savour the taste and reflect on the day to come. As an individually wrapped teabag, it is ideal for slipping in your bag for drinks out. I took mine for a hospital stay and it was bliss not drinking NHS tea. I am very pleased it is available as loose tea because as convenient teabags are, the ritual of using  teapot adds to the drink. This tea is made for taking your time and relaxing.

The other teabags in the collection are Strawberry & Kiwi, Exotic and Raspberry & Rosehip.




Tea review

Perfect time for tea.

The sun is shining, it is National Book Lover’s Day so what is better than curling up with a cup of tea and a good book? Curling up with a book and tea that I won recently. I never win anything but within a week I received a message to say I had won a box of tea from Basilur and an email to say I had won a book!!! I did try and use my lucky streak to win the lottery but fate decided I was being greedy

basilur strawberry

The tea from Basilur is Strawberry and Kiwi Ceylon black tea. I am the first one to admit I am a complete novice in the world of tea, once you venture away from builder’s tea and herbal based ones, so I was unsure how it would taste but any doubts of how a blend of fruit and black tea would work were completely unfounded.
The aroma when I opened the packet was delicate and the bags themselves were high quality. Once brewed, the aroma intensified but never became overpowering. Strong aromas, I find, have a tendency to detract from the taste but this tea was perfectly balanced between taste and smell. It had a subtle fruity taste at the first sip which progressed to a floral aftertaste. A refreshing drink, perfect for summer days which made me go back for more.

I enjoyed the tea immensely and inspired me to explore the world of fruit black teas more.