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Christmas countdown: The Spoonie Way

It is the run up to Christmas and this year’s countdown consists of hospital appointments. Normally, there are at least two but everytime the postie clangs the letter box, another envelope bearing a hospitals logo appears. Bright Christmas card envelopes would be preferable. I have had rhuemie and neuro check ups already but now dates for gastro, further ones for rhuemie and blood tests for genetics have appeared. I am still waiting for a much needed physio appointment.  Add in the regular blood tests, a dentist trip and visits to the vets, I am counting down the days to Christmas by ticking off my ever increasing scribblings on my now tatty calendar. I could design a Spoonie version of an Advent calendar.

Forget smiley snowmen, there could be tinsel wearing medics or chocolate spoons!
Forget smiley snowmen, there could be tinsel wearing medics or chocolate spoons!

My phone is adding music to the festive activities when it pings alerts of the upcoming events. Maybe there is a way of changing a ping to a Christmas tune. Jingle Bells anyone?*

I remember when my diary was full of Christmas parties and meetups. I would deliberate on my perfect outfit for the festive fun. NowI sepnd my time, weighing up the pros and cons in relation too the medic I am seeing. Forget high heels, red easy to get on boots are the way to go. Dresses are replaced by comfy clothes that are easy to remove and get back on. Times have definarely changed.

The joy of being a wobbly spoonie!

*I think my brain cell is showing it’s lack of sleep.

Tea review

Christmas is in the air


The Christmas tree is up, twinkling away and Father Christmas is in the corner adding to the festive feel of the house. Advent is ticking by at an alarming speed – I am sure the world spins faster in December to catch you out – so it is time for card writing and wrapping pressies.

I love the ritual of wrapping. From the holding the item, feeling excited if you have found the perfect gift and tweaks of doubt if you are taking a risk to the  pile of freshly, covered pressies. I would love to say my gifts are perfectly wrapped with straight edges and crisp corners but I have the knack of creating the ‘5 year old tried their best’ look however hard I try. In my defence, the paper and tags match. It would be great to complete the traditional scene of Christmas of  them piled under the tree but experience has taught me not to attempt it unless you want expensive vet bills or customised gifts ranging from bite marks to completely shredded version. Jack Russells are too curious and present loving to leave anything around.  Favourite Christmas movies or music in the background adds to the sense of festivity. This year the  ambience is enhanced with Whittards mulled wine tea.

I love the idea of mulled wine tea. Mulled wine is amazing but there are times it can’t be drunk including 11 0’clock in the morning. The aroma as you open the jar is Christmas and  how you expect it to be. I have found this is a tea you need to experiment with to acheive your perfect cup of tea. I have to be cautious with amount in pot and stewing time. Too much or too long, the aroma and taste can be overpowering. Trial and error has led to me to use one scoop of tea for my pot or small teaspoon of tea in a bag. This should  produce a perfect festive drink, warm replacement for real stuff.


Christmas books are out on the shelves including my go to festive book Xmas factor by Annie Sanders.  It is well read and has become my traditional start to festive reading. It grasps the panic of  festive preparations and highlights what is important at this time of year. Trials and tribulations of family relationships are bundled up with  romance to fit the criteria of a feel good book. It is like watching ‘Love Actually’ reruns, reading this book  has to be done despite the element of surprise going years ago and I can predict the next paragraph word for word.

Other Christmas books on my reading list this year includes:

Christmas Cracker by Trisha Ashley

The Christmas Surprise by Jenny Colgan

Calling Mrs Christmas by Carole Matthews

Something from Tiffany’s by Melissa Hill

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill

The History of Christmas Food and Feasts by Claire Hopley

A Literary Christmas  An Anthology by The British Library

And of course you have to read every year Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol. My favourite edition is illustrated by Robert Innocerto.

I hope you enjoy lots of festive reading.


Just wobbly life

100 Days of Happiness

Browsing online and getting my head around Twitter, I came across #100happydays challenge. For 100 days, you take a photo of something that makes you happy and post it either on social media. It seems so simple but I am sure as Autumn changes to Winter, some days it will be hard to find an image, even for the most optimistic person. I watch and read the news, listen to the radio, and can not help feeling upset, anxious as the world is changing dramatically around us. Many of the changes are beyond our control and it is easy to lie awake at night when the house is quiet, panicking about the ifs and maybes. This project is just what I need to rebalance my thoughts.

So I have signed up, eager to try and appreciate  the little things in life in an uncertain, at times scary world.

Happy bag

My first happy picture

My first #100happywobblydays picture which is posted on my Instagram page https://instagram.com/wobblypip/ is a Happy bag given to me by my Aunt. It will encourage me to see the good things on low days and remind me to carry on. It is also 100 days until Christmas – a perfect way to celebrate if I can succeed!


New year, new resolutions

2014 whizzed by unbelievably quickly. One minute it was Christmas 2013 surrounded by packing boxes ready for a house move and the next it was coming up to Christmas just gone. Time is strange like that, it can hurry by yet there are moments which drag on forever. It seems it is  never the ups that feel that way.
2014 has definitely been one of big ups and seemingly massive dips with lots of life changes along the way. The main one has been moving to our own house with garden 🙂 a place to put down roots and make new friends. It has given me my independence back with the help of my not so trusty scooter, Bazil. Together we can explore, visit local shop (still an exciting experience after many months, being effectively housebound for a couple of years makes you appreciate little things) and even see the doctor alone. Our new home has given us security and a place to be a family whatever life chucks at us.

Another amazing thing this year was the birth of our dogs’ puppies. Having 6 scurrying balls of fur made the summer a magical one and now we have kept 2 of them, every day is special. My dogs keep us sane during the lows as they are always ready to cuddle,comfort and entertain.

20140607_231500 20140729_184932
The lows have been hard work and still ongoing as we head into the new year. Job insecurity and the major knock on effect on finances is a big one with my wobbliness and ill health being a major factor as well as consequences of it all on all the family. I have seen more doctors, A and E departments and outpatients than I definitely would have liked or anticipated especially in the last few months with ophthalmologists; cardiologists, rheumatologist and neurologists. It seemed never ending and as I look at the calendar for Jan it looks as like this will continue with the added joy of DWP medicals. More health problems mean more care is needed, more medication in my already overflowing pill pot with more side effects, more stress for family, more hospital trips requiring hubbie needing time off and struggling to keep up with it all. Something has to give and unfortunately that something is full time work. On the plus side, the lows make you focus on the important things such as a home, family and love, as long as we have those hopefully we can weather any storms.
For every bad there is always a good somewhere even if you have to look or wait for it. Maybe that’s why I like rainbows as they are a reminder of this. With the downs you discover who your friends are and find other amazing ones along the way.
This year my resolutions are;

  • To learn to pace myself in the hope of avoiding more flares and wobbliness
  • Enjoy our home and build on the foundation is has given us
  • Keep up  and develop with this blog for my sanity and maybe someone will find something useful from it
  • Appreciate the little positive things and part of that is to carry on with my other fledging blog focussing not on wobbliness but things I love especially books and reading   https://booksteaandsnugglysocks.wordpress.com/  and facebook page
  • Be happy and enjoy life x

I wish everyone a good New year and hope 2015 is full of love, happiness and good health.


Father Christmas came ….

FC books snuggly

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas.

Father Christmas arrived  with lots of snuggly goodies. He must have heard my moans as my favourite socks were marmalized by a pair of naughty puppies 😦 and others have lost their friends. I think a couple of furry creatures have helped there too and one day I will stumble over their sock hoard.

I have socks of all types. Snuggly ones, bright ones, toasty thermal ones and even  a posh pair of woollen ones which I need to be careful washing otherwise they will be Jack Russell size.

hanging socks snuggly

I have amazingly soft Celtic Co. handwarmers to keep my hands warm as well as a pair of their super snuggly sheepskin slippers in a delightful, cheerful red which is like wearing a little part of Christmas all year round. I love their products and have been secretly wanting a pair of their handwarmers for ages but it has always seem to indulgent to justify so I was so delighted when I opened up this parcel.

slippers snuggly

My feet and hands will be warm and cosy for cold wintery days the weatherman keeps promising. I did not receive any books but thanks to the lovely mobile library man I have Marian Keyes latest book, The Woman who stole my Life to curl up with whilst eating turkey butties and indulging in other festive treats. My ideal of heaven!!!


Christmas spirit


A big OOPS!!!! I thought I had published this last week but it seems I did n’t so I thought I would post it now. Better late than ever…

Snuggled on the sofa at an unearthly hour of the morning, soaking up the atmosphere of the sparkly tree, smelling the unique aroma of Christmas it makes me remember being a child feeling under pillow very early Christmas morning and then looking to see what literary delight Father Christmas had delivered in the night. Usually it was an annual of the my current favourite comic. There was Twinkle as a small child, followed by Bunty, Whizzer and Chips as I got older. My favourite was Misty purely for the spooky ghost stories they had. Some of them I still remember now. As an adult, receiving a brand new book , unopened and read is still my favourite thing, something my husband can not get his head round. I can get excited about the knowledge maybe just maybe I will have something new to read on Christmas morning. On my Christmas wishlist this year are; Jodi Picoult – Leaving Time ( I know I have read it but a physical book is a completely different animal to a digital copy) Marian Keyes, Cecelia Ahern for pure escapism always good st this time of year Ken Follett the final part of his trilogy I have loved. He was not an author I would normally chosen but I have been captured by the lives of his characters as they grow in turbulent times). Thank you Simon Mayo for your book club recommendation. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and Father Christmas brings all the books u desire …


As this post is very, very late I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

I hope all your festive dreams have come true.