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Leaving Home

wpid-img_20150904_082620.jpgLeaving time by Jodi Picoult was last month’s book club title though it has been around for a while. I was first inspired to read it after listening to an interview on Radio 2’s book club. Even  my hubby tuned in to hear her talk about the elephants’ reaction and behaviour to death and grief. We were in awe of elephants’ intellect and emotional intelligence.The conversation encouraged you to want to discover more about these obviously underestimated mammals. I was intrigued about how the story would unfold with the relationship between the 3 main protagonists as they join forces to reveal the truth of the events on the night a carer died in an Elephant sanctuary. Jenna is a 13 year old on a mission to find the truth behind her Mum’s disappearance as a way to deal with her loss, Virgil is an alcoholic ex-cop dealing with his loss of career and Serenity is a quirky, once famous psychic finding her way in the world without her psychic abilities. Their stories are cleverly entwined in the experiences of  wild and captive elephants and story of Jenna’s mum, Alice.
It is well researched with twists and turns characteristic of her books. The characters are complicated and deep with back stories that influence their actions. These lead to consequences for others. The topics she chooses often have ethical or moral dilemmas as their base which causes the reader to consider their beliefs and feelings. This tale focused on grief and loss so a box of tissue is  definitely needed. It challenges your beliefs on psychics and you can not help but be touched by the experiences of the elephants. You walk away from the book with great respect for these majestic creatures, wanting to raise awareness of their plight.

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It was a perfect book for book club as it can trigger discussions on loss, grief, elephant protection, poaching, mental health and it’s wider effects as well as the world of psychics.

If love this book you should try her Lone Wolf and one of her older books Second Glance, one of the first of her books I read.


Christmas spirit


A big OOPS!!!! I thought I had published this last week but it seems I did n’t so I thought I would post it now. Better late than ever…

Snuggled on the sofa at an unearthly hour of the morning, soaking up the atmosphere of the sparkly tree, smelling the unique aroma of Christmas it makes me remember being a child feeling under pillow very early Christmas morning and then looking to see what literary delight Father Christmas had delivered in the night. Usually it was an annual of the my current favourite comic. There was Twinkle as a small child, followed by Bunty, Whizzer and Chips as I got older. My favourite was Misty purely for the spooky ghost stories they had. Some of them I still remember now. As an adult, receiving a brand new book , unopened and read is still my favourite thing, something my husband can not get his head round. I can get excited about the knowledge maybe just maybe I will have something new to read on Christmas morning. On my Christmas wishlist this year are; Jodi Picoult – Leaving Time ( I know I have read it but a physical book is a completely different animal to a digital copy) Marian Keyes, Cecelia Ahern for pure escapism always good st this time of year Ken Follett the final part of his trilogy I have loved. He was not an author I would normally chosen but I have been captured by the lives of his characters as they grow in turbulent times). Thank you Simon Mayo for your book club recommendation. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and Father Christmas brings all the books u desire …


As this post is very, very late I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

I hope all your festive dreams have come true.