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Going on a puffin hunt!


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Going on a puffin hunt!


Finally, we managed to return to one of my favourite places -Bempton Cliffs! For years, seeing the quirky puffin in reality rather than in a book was on my wishlist so when we moved, I was delighted to discover a local RSPB reserve -Bempton Cliffs was visited yearly by these wonderful creatures. I wanted to see them last year but illness and life’s low points got in the way so taking advantage of a sunny day we trundled over.


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Since our last visit they have updated their  visitor centre and have made the walkways wheelchair accessible -yay! It makes such a difference. A previous visit ended up with a puncture on the wheelchair so we were wary about returning. It used to be a bumpy ride and tiring for hubby who had the great job of pushing me, maneuvering around stones etc. In contrast, this time it was a smooth ride on the paths which lead to  wheelchair spots on the viewing platforms so you can look over the cliffs. It works well and  makes life so much easier. The improved accessibility definitely increases the chance of returning on a more regular basis.

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The centre isn’t quite as easy to get around as the aisles narrow once you add people into the equation. There are sharp turns to manoeuvre to get to the shelves to browse but it could have a lot to do with my driving skills. Despite the amount of time, I use my chair or scooter, I still need L plates. On the plus side, the lack of browsing means my bank balance was happier.

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The scenery is breathtaking, fresh air revives you while the sea eases your stress. Add in the sight of flocks of birds going about their business, you can’t help but feel grateful and content. You can’t say it is peaceful because the birds calling and squawking are anything but.

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Kittiwakes, gannets, guillemots and finally the elusive puffin were seen. They

make me smile, every time I see one. They look comical and resemble a child’s drawing come to life. At moments like that, I feel happy despite all that is going on in the world and the limitations being wobbly entails.

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What a night, what a weekend!

Last weekend was definitely an “up” moment in wobbliness. Hubby and I went to see David Gilmour at Royal Albert Hall! The gamble of buying tickets so far in advance paid off – THANK YOU BRAIN!

Buying tickets and arranging nights out have become a big no-no in this household.  Not only is money tight and not to be wasted, experience has taught us there is a high chance  dystonia or vasculitis will cause  the whole proceedings to fall apart at the last moment. Whether it is because of pain, extreme fatigue, spasms or hospital admissions.  As soon as my body realises I want to do something exciting and fun, it hatches up a plan to play up like an irate toddler having a tantrum. All the excitement you feel and hopes you have are smashed. You are left feeling fed up, angry, envious of those getting ready and enjoying themselves as well as guilty for letting others down. That is on top of wasting your money. Tickets for theatre and gigs not transferable or refundable.  Selling them online is near impossible as there is not much demand for wheelchair tickets. Nights out as a spoonie are organised with  precision not on last minute whim. I have lost count of how many nights out have been cancelled over the years.


This time my brain allowed me to have a night to remember. David Gilmour is my husband’s hero and I wanted him to experience seeing him live again. We saw him in 2006 when my wobbliness was just a little wobble in comparison and I could  limp through London and the underground system. How things change.

The Royal Albert Hall was fantastic, the architecture fills you with awe and they provided disabled parking directly outside the door we entered. One bonus of being wobbly! No hassle of managing the wheelchair through the city and our sat-nav found it without a hitch (getting out of London was a different story but that did not matter). Inside the area was easily accessible and close, unlike someplaces that are like a rabbit warren to get you to your place. The seats gave a perfect view of the stage and what a show! David Gilmour was amazing and I feel so lucky to have gone to see him. I feel very grateful that my body behaved as well as it did. It did not matter my hands curled up and my brain could not work out how to get them to clap or stand when everyone else did – I was there and I can hold on to the memories to be recalled for a lifetime. #100happywobblydays

Now I have to work out how to convince my brain to behave for Christmas.